Community Node wants you to try the Tron blockchain on us! There’s nothing to risk!

Our “crypto starter kit”” introduces cryptocurrency in a safe and fun way. It lets you discover blockchain wallets for the first time. You can make mistakes with our tokens and not have to worry!

Use the Community Node Tokens in the crypto starter kit to create cold wallets before using real money. Practice sending our tokens to your new wallets until you’re comfortable enough to use the real thing.

How It Works:

When you join our Telegram group at, or the Tron Help Desk — by Community Node:, the SesameSeed Seedit bot will automatically give you 1000 Community Node Tokens, plus 2 TRX coins. Just click on the seedit bot’s name and send it a message in order to see the address, balance, and private key of the wallet that was created for you. Click on the “Open in Tronscan” button to see the address information on the Tronscan blockchain explorer.

Enter the Private Key in the Tronscan explorer to unlock your wallet.

You can also use Tronscan to create new wallets like in this screencast

Once you have created a new wallet, go back and unlock your first wallet and send some CommunityNodeToken over to the new wallet. Congratulations! You’ve just completed a cryptocurrency transaction! It uses up 0.1 TRX the first time a new wallet receives a balance. Every wallet gets about 25 free transactions per day!

Remember: Using private keys to unlock your wallets is like handling fire!

If you’ve ever gone to a convention and gotten a keychain, or a pen, laser pointer, tote bag, etc., or any little trinkets that vendors put their logo on, those are tchotchkes. The best tchotchkes are useful and worth keeping. Sometimes they are pretty nice gifts!

The purpose of the convention tchotchke is to introduce someone to a new product. Community Node is introducing a tchotchke for the digital age.

Cryptocurrency is just starting to go mainstream in 2018. But outside of the crypto circles, it is something that the average person hasn’t tried to understand, much less use it to store a portion of their net worth. Older people (over 30) are particularly reluctant to learn about it.

With this program, we hope to increase everyone’s comfort level with cryptocurrency and encourage the widespread adoption of Tronix.

twitter feature coming soon!